Great opportunity to visit the Adaminaby town centre and purchase your picnic needs before setting out on these wonderful excursions

CAVE TOUR (DAY) Proceed 57km along the Snowy Mountains Hwy towards Tumut - Wear sturdy shoes to walk through the Yarrangobilly Caves, three caves are open for regular guided and self guided tours. Don’t forget to take your swimming gear for a fun time at the Thermal Pool
which is at constant 27°C.

SNOWY DRIVE (FULL DAY) Travel to Cabramurra, down to Tumut Ponds, Khancoban, visit the Murray Power Station, and stop at Scamell’s Ridge Lookout and view the western face of the Snowy Mountains, continue onto Thredbo, Berridale, Adaminaby.

PARK TOUR (DAY) Stop at Tantangara Dam wall and stretch the legs and then travel onto Currango Homestead which has historic buildings and ruins that are the most intact example of permanent settlement above the snowline. (unsealed road)

LONG PLAIN TOUR (DAY) Drive along the Snowy Mountains Highway past Kiandra turn right onto Long Plain Road to reach Cooleman Caves and Blue Water Holes Walk along the river that comes from under the granites mountains slopes and flows through the canyon until it disappears. (unsealed road - 4WD maybe required beyond Coolamine Homestead)

RAVINE TRIP (DAY) Follow the road to Cabramurra and turn right on the road leading down the winding track to the river bed and discover the old pise ruins (unsealed road - 4WD required)

O’HARE’S TRIP (DAY) O’Hare’s Recreational Area is a peaceful and beautiful area on the head of the Talbingo Reservoir, access is via Elliott Way. View the tail water tunnel outlet for Tumut 2 Power Station. Wonderful place for fishing and having a picnic.
Barbeque area, toilets and boat ramp available.

KIANDRA TRIP (HALF DAY) Check out Providence Portal and continue to Kiandra and wander round the Historic Walk, visit the old cemetery, have lunch at Cabramurra and visit the photo gallery.

COOMA TRIP (HALF DAY) Begin your trip from Lett St (Yaouk Road - unsealed road) and experience the beautiful vista of the Yaouk Valley,
travel onto Shannon’s Flat and continue onto Cooma. Visit the Snowy Hydro Discovery Centre - this visitor facility showcases the amazing story
of the Snowy Mountains Scheme from the early construction days, to the role the Scheme plays today in the continuing development and
growth of Australia.

For the bushwalking enthusiast the
northern end of
Kosciuszko National Park
is of great interest.
For those bushwalkers looking for excellent views of the
Snowy Mountains,
there are some very good ‘mountain’ walks – Mt Tantangara,
Tabletop Mountain
and Round Mountain
and for those with a little
extra enthusiasm Mt Jagungal.

Two interesting limestone areas are Yarrangobilly Caves,
and the Coolamine Caves
and Blue Water Holes region.

Another favourite amongst
bushwalkers is
Lobbs Hole and the Ravine area.
Adaminaby is the centre of Australia’s most productive trout fishing areas.
It is the nearest town to Lake Eucumbene (9km from the village) and other nearby trout waters include the Murrumbidgee and Eucumbene Rivers, Tantangara Dam, Three Mile Dam and numerous other mountain streams. Since its completion in 1956 Lake Eucumbene has become the area’s major fishery. The lake is approx in area some 293 km foreshore is available to the angler. A boat, though not essential, is helpful for trolling and for reaching secluded favourite spots in search of the ‘big ones’.
You will require a fishing licence, while the lakes are open all year round the rivers and streams are closed in winter while the trout are spawning.
Always check the weather conditions. Lake Eucumbene is 1200m above sea level, care must always be taken. Being such a large body of water, wind conditions can change suddenly and will make boating dangerous. Be aware that snow falls regularly in winter and on occasion, even mid-summer.
Trout can be caught in four basic ways -

BAIT FISHING using worms, mudeyes (dragonfly larva)

TROLLING is spinning from a boat at very slow speed. A lure is attached to a rod and line and pulled through the water approx 15 to 20 metres behind the boat. When two fishermen are trolling from the one boat, point rods each side of the boat to avoid tangling lines.

SPINNING is casting a lure from the bank or a stationary boat and retrieving the lure. It is a popular method of angling in the many streams of the area.

FLY FISHING for the keen and experienced angler there is the challenge of tempting a trout to take a fly, and the pleasure of casting a line in both the lakes and streams are many. The scenery is always beautiful and a peaceful time is assured for those who seek solitude in fishing our many streams.
Point to remember — weather conditions within KNP is weather at high altitudes. The weather is subject to extreme changes - even in midsummer –so always be prepared for the cold. It is advisable to notify someone of your itinerary - the lack of mobile phone coverage maybe a problem if one finds themselves in difficulties.