Adaminaby (pop.226 Census 2011) is home to the Big Trout and is the service centre of
Lake Eucumbene, the northern side of Kosciuszko National Park,
and southern end of Namadgi National Park, and in winter Selwyn Snowfields
Adaminaby is a year round destination providing trout fishing, bushwalking, horseriding, boating, swimming, snow sports.

Visit Adaminaby in Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter and see it's ever changing scenery.

Adaminaby is peaceful and tranquil but there is so many things to see and do.

As a township, Adaminaby which is within the Snowy River Shire, is a result of the Kiandra gold rush in 1860, before which it was only a
cattle station belonging to York and Cosgrove. It was proclaimed a town under the name of Seymour on 25 March 1885, but had its name
altered to Adaminaby on 9 October 1886, to avoid confusion with the town of Seymour in Victoria.Some of the streets - York, Cosgrove, Chalker -
tell of the early settlers. Druitt and Baker Streets recall the Anglican and Presbyterian Ministers of the dayIn 1956 the town was moved to it’s
present location to make way for the rising waters of Lake Eucumbene, the major reservoir of the mighty Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric Scheme.
The town is dependent on tourism and rural industries for its livelihood.

Old Adaminaby is on the shores of Lake Eucumbene, 9km south of Adaminaby, off the Snowy Mountains Hwy.
The original Adaminaby township was literally moved to a new site when Lake Eucumbene was flooded.
Lake Eucumbene was constructed as part of the Snowy Mountains Hydro-Electric Scheme. The lake is fed by the Eucumbene River and
many streams from the Great Dividing Range. Water is also diverted into the lake from Tantangara Dam which is on the headwaters of the
Murrumbidgee River. The gross capacity of the lake is 4806 million cubic metres of water, approximately nine times the volume of Sydney Harbour.
Eucumbene Dam is an earth fill dam 116 metres high and 686 metres thick at the base. It is the largest reservoir in the Snowy Mountains Scheme.
From the boat ramp at Old Adaminaby to Eucumbene Dam wall it is approx 20 km via the water surface. In addition to being the reservoir of the
Snowy Mountains Scheme, the lake now affords an excellent pleasure resort offering power boating, sailing, trout fishing and water skiing.
Anglers Reach is a small resort area developed on the ‘river arm’ of Lake Eucumbene.

Located on the Murrumbidgee River and reached by a 17km unsealed road. The concrete dam is 44metres high and has a gross capacity of
254 million cubic metres of water. A favourite camping and fishing spot, where one may catch a glimpse of brumbies.

2km off the Snowy Mountains Hwy 16km west of Adaminaby. Water can usually be seen flowing into Lake Eucumbene from the 17km,
3metre diameter tunnel from Tantangara Dam. Accommodation available at either the caravan park or Providence Lodge.

A few kilometres past Providence towards Kiandra on the left is an unsealed road leading down to the remains of the bridge across the
Eucumbene River—once the main road to Kiandra before the Snowy Scheme .A picturesque camping spot with BBQ and toilet facilities.

Located on the Snowy Mountains Hwy, 37km from Adaminaby. Kiandra is an abandoned gold mining town and the birthplace of
Australian skiing. The remaining buildings at Kiandra are of high heritage value and historical walking trails provides information on the
former layout and points of interests of the old town. While two cottages remain in private hands, a third cottage has been restored and can be
viewed by the public. The most substantial remaining building is the former courthouse, which was originally constructed in 1890, and which
was partially restored by National Parks in 2010 for use as an interpretive centre. The last resident left Kiandra in 1974, after which the
National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) took over the town and demolished most of its buildings.

At 1488metres above sea level is Australia’s highest town. Cabramurra was established in 1954, as part of the Snowy Mountains Scheme.
An earlier surveying camp had been established there in 1951. The town was moved some 500m to a more sheltered position, its current site in 1974,
leaving the original site as the lookout. Cabramurra is a ‘company town’, being the residence for workers and their families.

Situated 5km from Kiandra on the Link Road and Cabramurra, was built by the Chinese in 1882 to provide water for gold sluicing operations at
New Chum Hill. The dam wall was increased by the Snowy Mountains Authority when it had a construction camp there.

Is a concrete arch dam and reservoir on the upper reaches of the Tumut River. The wall of the dam is 90 metres high measured from the floor of the
valley has a gross capacity of 52 million cubic metres of water. The top of the wall is driveable and is part of the road between Cabramurra and
Khancoban. The road is closed to through traffic in winter as it is not routinely cleared of snow and ice.

Approx 25 to 30 km from Tumut Pond, Tooma Dam is an earth and rock fill dam 67metres high, gross capacity 28 million cubic metres of water.
This dam diverts water from the Tooma River, a tributary of the Murray River, into the Tumut Ponds Reservoir via a 14km 4metre diameter tunnel.

The caves are administered by the NPWS. Three lit show caves are regularly open to visitors, two for guided tours and the third is a self-guided tour. Yarrangobilly is famous for its natural thermal pool that
has a constant temperature of 27°C which allows swimming all year round Just off the Snowy Mountains Hwy, 62km north of Adaminaby.

This pretty township is nestled at the foot of Talbingo Mountain on the Tumut River 410 metres above sea level. Tourism is the lifeblood of the village.
Many families stop during summer for water skiing on Talbingo or Blowering Dam.